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LetClever offers three main inventory services – Inventories, Checkout reports and Inspections. All of the inventory services which we offer are suitable for both private landlords and lettings agents. We will always try to accommodate any request for specialist services so please do not hesitate to contact us if what you want is not listed below

We are an independent inventory clerk based in Salford, Manchester and serve the entire Greater Manchester area as well as surrounding towns such as Bolton, Bury, Sale, Altringham and Oldham.


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    We have been using LetClever for all our inventories, checkout reports and inspections for over a year now and I would be happy to recommend them to any letting agent. The web portal makes booking and keeping up to date with all our reports easy and efficient. We have also seen a huge decrease in the amount of deposit disputes taken to the TDS and whilst using LetClever for our inventories, we have never lost an appeal. All in all a very friendly, professional and efficient service.

    Katie Nutter, Briscombe Nutter & Staff


What is an inventory? A property inventory is your first line of defence when it comes to damage to your property. Before your tenant takes possession of your property, a thorough report is produced detailing the contents and condition of the property. Without this report, you will lose any appeal by the tenant to any of the registered tenancy deposit schemes.

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What Makes Our Inventories Different?

All our inventory reports are prepared by an experienced inventory clerk and start with a full written report of the contents and condition of the property; room by room, item by item. Each item is described along with its condition, any defects and identifying features.
A picture is worth a thousand words! Our investment in technology has allowed us to compliment our written inventory reports with hundreds of wide angle, detailed photographs without increasing the cost of the report.
We are the only inventory provider in the UK to include a high definition video of the property with every report, available online anywhere using the unique code provided on the report, absolutely free!
Our online web portal allows both private landlords and agents to access all their reports online, any time, anwhere.

What Makes Our Checkouts Different?

Our checkout reports, like our inventories, are based around a full written report. Each item that differs from the inventory is noted alongside a description of the change.
Our online web portal allows you to book your report online in a couple of clicks, however, that's not everyone's cup of tea. That's why we also accept bookings over the phone, by email, works orders, carrier pigeon and smoke signals.
We are the only inventory provider in the UK to include a high definition video of the property with every report, available online anywhere using the unique code provided on the report, absolutely free!
All our clerks are thoroughly trained from day one to ensure we are offering the best service possible. All our clerks are also fully insured to ensure you are protected no matter what!

Checkout Reports

At the end of the tenancy, a report is compiled to compare the condition of the property against the original inventory – the checkout report. Our expert clerks take into account wear and tear commensurate with the length of the tenancy before listing all defects that need to be remedied using the deposit.

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Interim inspections take place midway through the tenancy and is an opportunity to check that the tenancy is going as planned. Inspections are essential to protect against misuse of your property and also catch small issue that, if left unchecked, lead to big issues.

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What Makes Our Inspections Different?

Low Fixed Fee
Regardless of the size of your property you will only pay a low fixed fee for an inspection report.
We Arrange, Attend & Report
Include in our fixed low fee is the task of arranging the inspection. We have found that tenants are more receptive to an independent company visiting the property and are more cooperative.
Wide Angle Photos of Every Room
With the tenant's permission, each inspection report includes wide angle photos of each room allowing the landlord to view the condition of the property without having to visit themselves.
Evening & Weekend Appointments
Tenants are busy people, which can make arranging inspections during working hours difficult. That's why we are available until 8:30pm every weekday and every Saturday 10 till 4.

Included with our check-in service

Meet with incoming Tenants
Meeting the tenant at the property gets the tenancy off on the right foot. We are there to make the tenant feel welcomed as well as complete all the necessary paperwork.
Inventory & Check-In Discount Available
Want an inventory and check-in? Why not save money and have the two completed at the same time. This cuts down on travel costs for us and expense for you!
Signed Check-In Declaration
After the check-in has been completed, we will send you a completed check-in declaration form, signed by the tenants the same day.
Knowledgable and friendly CLERKS
4. All our clerks are fully trained and are selected not only on their attention to detail, but on their people skills. We provide tenants with a friendly and professional welcome to a property.


When a new tenant moves into a property, we can meet them there with the keys and show them round. This also allows us to take meter readings with the tenant present and have them sign a Check-In declaration to confirm move in date and keys.

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